Thomas van Zuijlen

Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate workshop facilitator and a freelance professional Scrum Master from the Netherlands. He’s worked with distributed teams non-stop since 2017. Thomas believes the world of work will be saved by self-organisation, empiricism and facilitation. His weekly newsletter on all matters agile is called    The Backlog.

14:10 - 14:55

October 27 Day 1 - Track 4

Having a Hybrid Workplace Means You’ve Failed

Hybrid” no longer means combining the best of two worlds. In the world of work, it is the middle ground that makes no-one happy, and you should stay the hell away from it.

If your company is “going hybrid” it means you’ve so far failed to truly adapt: Adapt to changing regulations, to the nature of knowledge work, to the power of self-organisation.

Nine-to-five life in a physical office is the answer to a question no-one is asking anymore. You’ve already seen that we can do better, smarter, more human-centric work under difficult circumstances with a widely dispersed workforce.

So people trying to get your team “back” to the office are missing the point of self-organisation, and are pushing a command-and-control agenda.

If you end up with mandatory “office days” and office meetings with a few colleagues on TV screens, now second-class citizens - you’ve gone hybrid, and I am here to tell you: you need to inspect and adapt again.

Pandemic restrictions made you rely on yourself to make some hard choices to become productive. Let’s not stop now. Let’s dare to strive further than the mediocrity of hybrid. For a goal-oriented, agile and inclusive work life.