Gražvydas Šedys

Gražvydas has been working with Agile for more than 7 years. The journey started when he founded his own Start-up and used Agile as a way to run the business. He also had his own consulting company, training and lecturing others on how to adopt Agile.
In his career, Gražvydas worked as an external Lean / Agile consultant, internal consultant in big corporations, spend a number of years in the financial sector helping this industry to become better at using Agile. Currently, he is an Agile Coach of MobilePay, also helping and training various other companies.

15:00 - 15:45

October 27 Day 1 - Track 3

Deconstructing Agile

Companies or Teams wanting to adopt Agile ways of working often focuses on wanting to become Agile. But Agile is not the goal itself, Agile is there to help you reach your goals and/or solve your challenges. So do we really need to be fully Agile, adopt perfect Scrum or create a unique, all-encompassing method for ourselves?

In my experience working with various companies and teams, you can often benefit and solve your main pain points, just by adopting a few of the tools or methods promoted by the Agile mindset. So I Deconstructed Agile to different bits and pieces so you can pick the ones that will give the most benefit to reach your desired goal and I will introduce this approach to you in this speech.