Oana Juncu

Oana is an Agile Business and Leadership and Coach at Enterprise level who likes to call herself an Agile DJ as she mixes whatever practices, from facilitation for creative thinking, to product development and design thinking , from neurosciences to systemic and leadership coaching to create a holistic vue on value delivered that make people proud of their outcome

15:35 - 16:20

October 28 Day 2 - Track 4

Change the perspective on change

Change is source of resistances and we all have experienced it. We were either resistant or we were resisted at. Change is a life cycle, when something new rises up, the old system is falling. A falling system does not want to die, therefore it resits. You are invited you to discover how to succeed your transformation using the Two loop model for systemic change. The approach, defined by Margaret J. Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, is a nonlinear theory of change based upon the ideas of living systems. It provides us with insight into the simultaneous growth and decline process that are underway within a system during a transition period. In transition, an old system struggles to live, and a new system prepares itself to be born. We will experiment how to strengthen the transition resilience of an organisation, business, and society from one social structure to another. You can discover and experiment how different roles of a change agent are necessary to accompany the different needs of the system in change. You will learn why being compassionate with the falling system is important, if you are part of the rising community. You will learn how to listen to the emergent future if you feel loyal to the ancient system. You will discover not only the change model, but also why the different types of change agents are key roles, and how a resilient transformation needs to onboard them. The workshop will give openings on why change can be fragile, and how we can reinforce it.