Ieva Ričkė

Obvious solutions are not so obvious when it comes to implementation. It takes quite a few attempts to finally find the right answer for the specific team. However, even very distinct cases do reveal certain patterns over time.
I've been lucky to work with teams and organizations coming from different industries and contexts. Some of them are just starting and taking first steps towards a more agile way of work, and some are rather mature agile organizations that need someone to reassess their habits and reinforce for swift value delivery.
Currently together with fellow agilists at I am helping teams and businesses to choose the best next step in their agile journeys.

15:25 - 15:45

October 27 Day 1-CGI Lithuania – Insights you can act on

We have outgrown basic agile. Wait, have we?

Over the last years working with different profile product organizations I was happy to learn that businesses already recognize the benefits of cross-functional product or feature oriented teams and, most importantly, the positive impact this structure has on product time to market.
However, at the same time I've seen a lot of teams that feel stuck and therefore demotivated with their current processes or slow improvements, Product Owners that are too busy to dedicate time for proper product exploration and businesses that are rapidly growing yet are struggling to understand cross-team goals and product progress overall.
These cases also revealed some patterns where basic agile/scrum principles were neglected or adapted ignoring the purpose, therefore forming some habits that are not so easy and quick to change.
Therefore I would like to share some insights I've gathered while working with mature Agile teams in different organizations.