Mikhail Sorokin

Mikhail is an agilist, living and working by values and principles of business agility. Core focus is Agile software delivery. True believer that the key skill  of a leader is to be able to  set goals.
He is certified Agile practitioner by a number of organizations: by PMI, Scum.org, ICAgile and Scaled Agile (SAFe). Also Mikhail is Agile coach, trainer and consultant.
He works as a Delivery Manager at Wargaming Lithuania and has over 15 years in the software development industry.
14:25 - 15:25

October 28 Day 2 - Track 4

Setting Goals for Delivery and Motivation

The workshop is based on a real-life case of a manager who struggles with organizing a successful product delivery and  motivating the team to work with happiness  and energy.

At the workshop you will learn how and at what level goals can be set and what tools Agile frameworks provide for this matter.

At all  exercises of the workshop we will use Liberating Structures as facilitation  techniques.