Joe Justice

Joe applied agile to automotive manufacturing in 2006, founding Team WIKISPEED, and set 4 world records. WIKISPEED became the first automotive manufacturer to accept Bitcoin in 2012, and was featured on the cover of Bitcoin Magazine issue #3. Joe Justice joined Tesla in 2020, where Joe operated Agile@Tesla from the company headquarters. In 2021 Joe published "Scrum Master, The Agile Training Seminar for Business Performance" in English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Joe Justice is a speaker, guest lecturer at both MIT and Oxford University in England, featured in Forbes 5 times to date including as owner of a "Company to watch" by Forbes Billionaire Club, cited in more than 8 business paperbacks and hardcovers, the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary for his work creating the disciplines Extreme Manufacturing, Scrum@Hardware, and The Justice Method. Joe consults globally on agile hardware and company restructuring.

Joe has designed and built 14 race and road-legal cars, some designed and built in as short as 27 minutes. Joe has also built some small houses, and some robots. Joe's method of cross-training CAD, CAM, CFD, FEA, procurement, Machine Shop, Composites Shop, Test, and user testing has earned global recognition as the WIKISPEED method.

Joe has worked with all 3 of the largest military and defense contractors, autonomous and smart road technologies, ultra-lightweight structures, AI labs, guest lectured at UC Berkeley, MIT, on behalf of Carnegie Melon, CU Denver, The University of Washington, spoken at Google, Microsoft, Zynga, Lockheed Martin, HP Labs, The Royal Bank of Canada, Pictet bank, and others. Joe's work has been featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CNN Money, the Discovery Channel, and others

15:50 - 16:35

October 27 Day 1 - Track 3

Agile At Tesla

What is it like to work in 3 hour sprints? How does any company deploy 27 changes per week in hardware, or more? What is a team size like when you are moving that fast? What about certification, and how does testing fit in such short sprints? Joe Justice will answer these questions and more.