Jeremy Berriault

A thought leader with over 25 years of experience in multiple technology industries and disciplines. His primary focus is on increasing value through coaching, teaching or in a collaborative environment by using the following guiding principles in all initiatives: quality, efficiency and effectiveness. A problem lover that helps organizations determine the root cause of their issues and identify the right solution for them. Unlike others that will treat symptoms where frustrations are alleviated for a short time only to rise again when issues resurface, He goes in deep with surgical precision to find the true cause and help create a lasting solution for everyoneMBAUsing agile behaviours for over 20 yearsCSMCertified APH Coach, Assessor, Trainer with AgileCxOBlogs on berriaultandassociates.comPublished Root Cause Analysis: True QA on Leanpub

15:35 - 16:20

October 28 Day 2 - Track 3

There Is No Such Thing As Agile Maturity

Maturity is a term that is used a lot to show effective and efficient use of processes. Being agile is more than just processes. Yes, a team will get better at doing the processes or guidance within a framework, is that the way the concept of agile delivery is meant to be? This talk will discuss:

  • Why agile delivery is not meant to be about maturity?
  • How agile delivery should be viewed by organizations?
  • What is needed to change the view?