Jeff Kosciejew

Jeff Kosciejew is an Agile Coach, Management Consultant, and Trainer. He's worked with leaders at all levels of both large and small organizations across a wide variety of industries.

Jeff has contributed to the Agile community in Canada with his involvement in a number of community events, conferences, and MeetUps. He holds a variety of certifications, but finds his experience much more valuable. He finds it amusing to write about himself in the third person.

15:50 - 16:35

October 27 Day 1-CGI Lithuania – Insights you can act on

Host Leadership

We often hear about Servant Leadership. But what if that's not enough, and not what's really needed? In our creative and knowledge work environments, there's another type of leadership that might be even more applicable.

Join Jeff for an introduction & overview of Host Leadership. We'll look at the six roles - not rules - that make a great Host Leader, along with four positions that Host Leaders take.

The idea of Host Leadership is a metaphor rooted in hundreds of years of human history. It's a simple, yet powerful metaphor that we can use as we focus on providing a great environment for our modern workplace.