Francis Laleman

Originally a traveller and a teacher of Sanskrit and Buddhism. A husband, father, painter, photographer, gardener, storyteller, writer, train-the-trainer, workshop facilitator. An unconventional educationalist, working a/o with outsider art (art brut), forum theatre, conceptual art, and other forms of art-based learning. A designer of learner experiences. Francis builds communities, inspired by the Agile Movement and uses Scrum in education. He is the author of Resourceful Exformation, (a book on learner experience design and facilitation).

14:10 - 16:35

October 27 Day 1 - Workshops

Collaborative story creation experiment

This practical, collaborative workshop will have participants practice their co-creative storytelling skills together using a variety of formats proposed by the facilitators. Throughout the workshop, we will also learn how to apply this in the organisational contexts of transformation, of teamwork and agile ways of working.