Bob Willis

Bob Willis is a pragmatic agilist with over 30 years software development experience in the UK, Europe, US and everywhere in between! He has been tasting his way through the many flavours of Agile for the last 16 years, helping people and organizations find out what works best in their context. Bob is an Accredited Kanban Trainer, Scrum Trainer and Scrum@Scale Trainer with Scrum Inc., and a SAFe Program Consultant. Bob is a regular speaker and very pleased to be involved with Agile Tour Vilnius again this year!

15:35 - 16:20

October 28 Day 2 - Track 2

Back to basics - doubling down on the foundation for great Agile!

So we‘ve been doing this remote working thing for a while now huh? Some of us are actually going back to face-to-face working which is great! Either way I think it‘s time to hit the reset button on how we can bring our best selves to setting the foundation for Agility that really works.In this talk I‘ll be bringing to bear many years of pain and joy to help you guys from playing the wheel reinvention game!I‘ll take a sweeping cut across Leadership, Product Ownership, Team Dynamics, Value Generation, Scaling (or descaling!) and, and and …Looking forward to seeing you all again at Agile Tour Vilnius!