Aleksej Kovaliov

Program Management practitioner, consultant, active member of the Agile and Project Management professional community in Lithuania. One of the Founders of the “Agile Lithuania” ( association, directly contributed to Agile legalizing in Lithuanian public sector. Areas of expertise: · IT Management: Organizational topology, Enterprise Architecture, Projects Management and Operational processes · IT Procurement and Vendor management · Agile methodologies, including Scaled Agile · E-Government Ecosystem and Public Procurement · Other industries: Insurance, Telecommunications, Postal Services, Logistics, Smart Energy, Retail.  Speaker at multiple Agile Lietuva events in the past.

15:50 - 16:35

October 27 Day 1 - Track 2

Epic battle of Component Feudalism vs Scaled Semi-Agile

Reflections on our Scaled Agile case study after trying different teams topologies in the development of highly complex product. Engineering Program benchmark: 250+ people, 30+ teams, 50+ components of the platform suite product, public release every sprint. Talk will cover: pros and cons of different teams organization approaches, typical challenges, hints for transformation handling.